How to Feed

As with starting any new diet, you should introduce our food to your pet gradually, over a period of five to ten days depending on your dog’s specific needs and sensitivity. This is especially true for dog’s making the change from a processed diet of kibble or canned food. If you are currently feeding your dog a raw or home cooked diet, you may be able to transition your dog more quickly, over a period of two to four meals.

We suggest starting by adding a small amount of Spot Farms Dehydrated (after mixing with water) to your dog’s current food, and then gradually increasing the amount of Spot Farms Dehydrated while decreasing the amount of your dog’s current food each day. Transitioning your pet in this way will give your pup’s digestive system time to become accustomed to their new diet.

The amounts recommended are based on the dry measure, before adding warm water.
The amounts listed in our feeding guidelines are for the entire day. We suggest dividing this daily amount into two servings.
Your individual dog’s needs will vary with age and activity – please adjust the amounts served as needed.
This will depend on how much your pet requires of the dry mix each day (and if you have more than one pet!). An 8lb box has approximately 32 cups of dry food, while a 3.5lb box has about 14 cups of dry food. Using our feeding charts, you can calculate how long a box will last based on how many dry cups per day your pet requires.

Example: Grain Free Chicken Recipe

Dog Size Dry Cups/Day 8.0 Box will last up to*
Under 5 lbs ¼ – ½ cup 128 days
5-15 lbs ½ – 1 cup 64 days
15-30 lbs 1- 1½ cups 32 days
30-50 lbs 1½ – 2 cups 21 days
50-75 lbs 2¼ – 3¼ cups 14 days
75- 100 lbs 3¼ – 4 cups 10 days

*Estimates are approximate and will vary based on your dog’s specific needs, age and level of activity.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to keep them free of plaque and tartar. After that, dental chews or special toys to help keep the teeth clean are second best. Generally, there shouldn’t be any difference between the amount of plaque and tartar when feeding this diet compared to any other traditional dry pet food.

How to Make

Yes! This food should be rehydrated before serving. If consumed dry, the food will rehydrate in your dog’s tummy instead of in the bowl. If a larger amount of dry food has been consumed than you would typically feed your pet, it would be similar to a dog overeating any kind of food, and could cause bloating, discomfort and may lead to vomiting. The food will digest eventually, but the process can take longer than it normally would.

Just like us, our dogs have specific tastes. Some dogs prefer their food soupy, while others may like a thicker texture, it’s all about how your pup likes it! We recommend adding different amounts of water until you find the consistency that your pup prefers. Mix dry food with warm water, stir and wait 3 minutes for food to hydrate, then serve!

Yes! All you need to do is hydrate the food with warm water and stir. The food will be ready to in 2-3 minutes. There is no need to cook the food in any way.
After you have rehydrated the food, we suggest you treat this food just like you would any other fresh food. You may cover and refrigerate any unserved portions for 2-3 days; frozen leftovers will last even longer. When you are ready to serve, we suggest adding a little bit of warm water to the mix and stirring before serving.