Human Grade Dog Food

Human Grade means that all of the ingredients we use are graded for human consumption and our food is made to the same standards required for human edible food. We believe your dog’s food should be real food.

No Animal Meal, Only Real Meat

You won’t find animal meal on our ingredient panel, which means that our recipes contain up to 4-7X the amount of real meat compared to the average natural kibble listing meat as the first ingredient. The result? Serious tail wags for them, peace of mind for you.

Healthy & Convenient

The gentle process of dehydration preserves more of food’s nutritional value while maintaining its natural color and taste. It’s a difference you can see and smell. Best of all, greater nutritional availability helps lead to higher levels of energy and healthier, happier dogs.

Farmers We Trust

We believe knowing where your dog’s food comes from is just as important as knowing what’s in it. That’s why we go right to the source, working closely with small family farmers across the USA who share our values and commitment to quality. On each box you’ll meet one of our farmers and see where the protein was sourced.